RC Helicopter Parts

12:00 PM - January 5, 2014

What You Need To Know About Rc Helicopter Parts


When it comes to the protocol helicopter or any other brand for that matter, it is difficult for the beginners to keep it steady. That means that mishaps will happen.


Like running into a wall or dropping to the floor to quickly when you try to land. When all this happens, the chopper sometimes breaks.


Don't get me wrong you do get models that are more sturdier than others. Yet with beginners and advance pilots alike, the protocol rc helicopter still breaks.

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There are numerous retailers that stock parts for the protocol helicopters of all models. It is wise to understand that some models parts are in more demand and it might be sold out. Though you will be able to get the parts at other retailers. It is good to know that the most needed protocol rc helicopter parts comes in a kit. The other parts would be sold separately.

The parts most commonly available in the kit:


  • Main rotor blades (in a set)
  • The Stabilizers or the balancing bar.
  • The tail fins and their mounting brackets.
  • Connectors and landing gear.
  • With some you'll get the tail rotor. (That depends on the model.)
  • With some models you'll be able to get the landing gear separately and with some it would be sold with the rc helicopter parts kit.


In all cases the battery pack will be sold separately, and that goes with the body parts. 

Rc Helicopter parts

It is possible that sometimes when you get a protocol helicopter that it might just work for a short time and something will go wrong, unrelated to the newbie factor of student magnets like tables and light shades. In this case it would be wise to contact the retailer where you purchased the item from. If not online then it would be best to walk into the shop and have a kind word with the sales man. Maybe you are doing something wrong and are unaware of. That is why the salesman is there, to help and direct you in your mistake. If it is not your fault, but technical, then they can exchange the rc  chopper for you there on the spot. We are aware that the item can be faulty at time, so it is a good strategy to investigate.

Mentioning that the TigerJet Protocol helicopter have the feature of a smart phone adapter, to turn your phone into a remote control. This remote comes with a USB adapter for charging, and complete instructions on how to synchronize your adapter with your phone and helicopter. This smart phone adapter is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. This will bring a new experience to the table.


Make shore you do purchase the correct parts for the relevant protocol helicopter, for you might come to the shock that the parts do not match or fit on the model you have. You might think mentioning this is not needed, but we do get people that will not read the heading and description thoroughly of the product they buy. In cases like this you might not be able to get a replacement or refund. It is prudent to be watchful for this.

Rc Helicopter parts